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Hey! my name is kevin also goes under the name K.Kellett Ingame! i've been playing on the Ahoy servers for quite a while but now i'm deciding to get further in to this community! So some stuff about me! My name is kevin i'm 17 Y/o born in 1997 July 08 and i love to spend my time on the computer and playing games and i also spend much time driving Dragracing in sweden which i'm doing a huge success in as i ended up Number 3 best in Europe in my secound year driving this Dragracing Class, I'm Studying to be a forest Machine operator  Video will be linked... So yeah i guess that as much you guys need to know about me! i hope to see you all on the server and have a good new year 2015!!! Cheers Kevin.K


Dragracing (Me Driving) 

Forest Machine (Forwarder) 

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