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My thoughts on your eu1 server


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Having played on your server 4 or 5 days now (and hopefully over this holiday weekend as well, 4 days off woohoo) i have some humble thoughts and opinions on your server...   I have enjoyed playing on the server and i always fly transport missions so im also in teamspeak alot so ive talked to several other members and got to know them briefly....


    I like this game mode where you have co50(60, 40) invade and annex...  different servers have the maps layed out differently, all using different scripts for this or that...   I have to say this server just doesnt run as smooth as most others in this map/mode that ive tried...im not talking frame rates etc im just talking gameplay....  I understand you have to have a balance as well but let me share a few thoughts and hopefully they can be up for discussion or possible change... if not , that is fine as well...



One of the first things i noticed is how cramped /tight quarters, are for the landing pad areas at base... For most of us pilots its not an issue and we can navigate around them but its a pain when every trip you make back to base the NE heli pad for troop pickup has a lightpole just barely out of the reach of the huron rotor blades... unless you fly in sideways (over the top of the other pad) you have to come in from the grass side but up and over the lightpole then down into the pad (when in the huron)...  Would it be possible to move that pole to the opposite side of the street or just slightly farther back?  Or replace it with the short telescoping construction lamps and put them inside the pad area (they would be below the rotor blade height)... The same goes for the repair pad for helis...its a bit cramped but not as bad..  it just seems the whole layout wasnt really made with pilots in mind and their "needs"...


The pad area also has a fuel truck in the middle which is great when the enemy jets fly over the base and shoot your bird up while on the pad... after your fuel drains out you can refuel no problem,, however you cant repair it unless there is an engineer around so it just sits there damaged taking up the heli pad untill an engineer comes along to fix it...  can you either park a non driveable repair truck just outside the barrier wall or something so we can repair them?  Otherwise we have to wait for an admin to remove it cause you cant c4 it as the base scripts prohibit you from doing so.. which leads me to several other issues.


I realize the warning popups that come up in base are to keep shooting at base to a minimum but when the enemy jets fly over we cant shoot at them other than activating the base defenses...   if we cant defend ourselves then the base defenses need to be permanent ... ive seen sometimes the jets fly over, get shot down but the pilot parachutes into base and starts shooting but we cant shoot back for the popups getting in your way.... 


  Why arent the mobile aa units available as vehicles for us to take to the ao's like hunters or 4 wheelers or the other vehicles that spawn naturally..??


Needs more admins...


Other than these few issues its been fun playing on your server ...   I hope you guys might consider some of these and maybe come up with some solutions that would work for both admins and players....


Thanks for hosting!






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Hi there Wingtip,


Firstly I'm pleased to welcome such constructive and well mannered critiques.


Indeed we encourage other communities not only to use our crafted game mode but to adapt it to their needs. It's great to see other communities takes and we are usually comparing our own to others. If there is a better performing version of our mission we want to know how it was achieved although I do like to think we are at the fore front for these changes.


These pilot challenges are a subtle sort of an idiot filter, in fact by mistake we achieved a similar difficulty in Alpha when (accidentally) the ghost hawk's tail rotor was just under the hangar and would catch any off-guard pilot by surprise. That was fixed back then i will say. I encourage people such as yourself that see problems to go fix them. please do make changes and post your build so that the rest of the community you play with can benefit from your considerations. While i encourage this i must stress that we are capable of fixing this ourselves so if nobody comes forward we'll take the task when the time is right.


Onto your next point, this one is very tricky. Shooting at base is just an all too common theme on a public server so we will have to keep that cumbersome popup in place, however i must explain why base defenses are temporary, after all it would be ludicrous not to have permanent ones i agree. ARMA as you probably know is a horrible beast when it comes to persistence and lengthy play (and public play at times). So we can't be dishing out would-be teamkillers free opportunities to shoot down your friends and we can't permanently spawn in a cheetah because the AI falls asleep (almost literally). So we're in a hard place there but I'm open to persuasion.


And finally in response to "Needs more admins..." Hop onto teamspeak, show us who you are, let us know you can be trusted and you can be responsible. When this occurs a new admin is "born".


Thanks for your input and thanks for playing

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