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Hey guys.


I have gotten tired of locking the "W" key for long walking distances with teaspoon / scissors or anything similar.


Not shure why Bohemia has never inplemented such a feature in this game series. I guess it is some kind of game philosophy.


After some research on the web I stumbled over a small tool thats called "Autohotkey" 



With that one, You can bind keys to a small script.

For the missing Arma Autowalk feature I wrote some lines that assign the "Tab" key to a locked down "W"

-and pressing "Tab" once more, releases the "W".


Here it is:



Toggle := FALSE
  if Toggle
    Toggle := FALSE
    Send {w down}
    Toggle := TRUE
    Send {w up}



Once You have Autohotkey installed, all You have to do is run the *.ahk file You created, and play



Btw. I hope this will not be considered as cheating, but then I still have some scissors / teaspoon here at hand...




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