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I&A dont start on Linux machine!


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Hey !


Ive just tested your Invade and Annex mission (without editing) and it works

fine on my windows Machine in LAN and Internet.


But if I upload the same pbo to my root
(we wanna play I&A password protected with our Clan)

the mission doesnt load. Every custom map works.

Is this an Linux problem ?


Btw. Thanks for that great Mission!

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Hm Okay thanks so far.

But what is the problem ?

The mission is shown in the mission list if I join my server.

But if i try to choose the Invade and Annex mission nothing happens.

I stay on the site where i can choose a mission.


As I say, it works fine in Local.

Do I need to write some special commands in my server.cfg ?




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I also have this issue, where the same PBO works fine on a windows machine, but on a linux (ubuntu 14.04) it doesnt.

The side mission works fine, but the main mission doesnt work, the marker is there but no radio tower, no notification or enemies in the area.


After few mission restart it may work but then if you clear the area out a new AO will not spawn.

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