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Scope Sway


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IIRC all Arma3 servers have VTS Simple weapon resting installed, which allows for the steady-ing of weapons on all sorts of surfaces and thusly remove (most of) the scope sway. If do agree that it's really shit that Bohemia threw in for f*** knows why, along with the stamina, but it's may be very difficult to fix for our beloved admins. VTS weapon resting may be a way easier solution to this problem. 


If you have problems installing it, contact me and I'll gladly help.


EDIT: Also, it's crazy fun. Grab a MG with scope and deploy the bipod, and while you're mowing down tons of AI stupid enough to advance on you you'll keep asking yourself why Bohemia didn't implement this yesterday already and never can you play on a non-VTS supported server again :D !

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Bumping this thread.


Honestly the scope sway is ridiculous and really detracts from the game. You're pretty much forced to stop and bipod up everywhere you go if you intend to shoot anything and the fun of close quarters is totally negated. Given the AI don't suffer the same kind of penalty and given how much running players need to do inside AO's it's pretty ridiculous and just encourages a 700-1000m duck hunt which is not realistic anyay. I know there are a couple fixes that are available, if only AW would allow them on the servers I think players who want to mitigate the scope sway should be able. The marksman DLC has been out for ages now and still no fix to this issue even with the shitty bipods BI introduced. I mean have you even tried to look through binoculars after you've moved a meter? It is completely over the top.





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Although the stamina is disabled, weapon sway is still affected by your gear and the amount of it you`re carrying.


We could look into decreasing the weapon sway without actually using mods, there is a parameter we could use to tone it down, but so far I have not seen a demand for it.


Try timing your running and resting, always try deploying your weapon somewhere and please, dont carry an MG/sniper/marksman rifle with an AT launcher and explosive charges. No wonder weapon sway is annoying.

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player setCustomAimCoef 0.35;    // Sets sway on respawn
player addeventhandler ["respawn", {player setCustomAimCoef 0.35;}];


Put in the server init.sqf, and tweak the value 0.35 to your liking - 1 being full sway.





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Although the stamina is disabled, weapon sway is still affected by your gear and the amount of it you`re carrying.


How much (%) is you load responsible for the overall sway?


The suggestion to not carry too much gear sound reasonable, but for AT soldier to skimp on missiles or Medic to skimp on medpacks is pretty annoying - resupply on battlefield is almost never happening on I&A unless Zeus is on and feels generous.


If the influence of carry-load on overall sway is low (say under 30%), I dont see AT, Medic or Autorifle intentionally carrying less then 80% load..

(with AT I'm usually total packmule)

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