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CCIP Mod for Arma 3 [ WIP!! ]


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Hey guys,


Recently a guy going by the name of eRazeri has made and released an WIP CCIP Solver for the aircraft in Arma 3.


For those of you not involved / known in the aircraft jargon, CCIP stands for Computer Calculated Impact Point and helps you predict where you bomb (unguided or not) is going to land, which is really a lot more usefull then the current circle we get in the jets.


As can be seen in the video I linked below, this is manifested in the game as a crosshair on the place where you bomb is going to land; 

granted, at the moment it looks very unrealistic, a bit ugly because of the crosshair showing through the cockpit canopy and dashboard, as well that it's still a bit clunky (as I can tell you from firsthand experience). But it is the first 'Alpha' release!!


Overall, I think this is a very nice feature and something Arma 3 definitely needs. Can we hope to see this on the Modded server when it is properly implemented, and is it something you guys have been looking for?


Peace, out!



Ninja edit: For those of you interested, here is the armaholic link http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27403

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