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Hey guys (and girls maybe)


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Hey all,



my Ingame name is Anton and I am a 1968 build from Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2001 and when the first demo (Called "Operation Flashpoint" then) came out for it, I am playing the Arma series.


I like the pace and depth of the game and its infinite possibilities.

As Dslyecxi said before: "Its how a PC game should be!"


Online I really enjoy a good, sophisticated, voice based teamplay, having some fun and I try to

always fit into the role wich I am supposed to play.

That said I do good as medic, repair, UAV Operator, AT, Ammobearer, Squad lead.

Working on my aiming skills since 14 Years and with the new flight model, I do not dare atm. to take responsability of transporting huge groups of infantry / cargo.


Not shure if this is the place for it, but here are 2 Clips, one is me as Squad lead, encountering a Tigris tank,

the second one is a small tribute to OFP. (Channel is quite new)




So Kudos for the ownwers and creators of this place here at Ahoy-World, its big fun and I am glad I can join.

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