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Hello dear Ahoyians, ive been playing on the #3 server for a few days and been on the #1 a few times aswell and really anjoyed myself so decided to reg atleast and now making this post as instructed :)


Played allot of games from CS to BF4 so mostly FPS but dabbled in some WoW aswell, played some Dayz-mod with my BF buddies and that led me to Arma3 and DayzSA so this is what i play mostly now. Started with Altis life and now moved to co-op setting and hoping to play allot on Ahoy World servers.


Trying to get better att playing as an element of a group/team instead of Ramboing but still got some ways to go, but im getting there.

Sgt isnt just a part of the tag for swag, it's also my irl rank in the Finnish Fieldartillery where i was trained as a guncommander but in the reserves now and work as a mechanic in Sweden.


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