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(Semi)Professional Porting of Arma 2 Assets into Arma 3

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Are you one of those people that doesn't like the near future setting Bohemia Interactive went with? Dislike how the military will supposedly look in 2035? Absolutely hate the idea of the railgun tank? Then you may very well be interested in this. Thanks to Dyslexi from ShackTac providing a video on it, I (no doubt along with a hundred thousand or so others) have recently found out that someone is porting over the old Arma 2 content (DLC and OA content included!) into Arma 3, with the aim of taking advantage of the modular sights and attachments system as well as what else the arma 3 engine updates have to offer. Here's his video about it 


Who knows? If this gets popular enough and completed, BI may even notice just how much people seem to miss the bloody humvees and AR15 style weapons

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4/08/2014 -- US Navy tests electromagnetic Railgu…: http://youtu.be/h6sAUHwTP4A

Also i think arma has a fine blend of current/future weapons. The zafir has been present since 1997(IMI Negev). The Katiba has been in use by the Iranians since 2004. The only gun that is fictional is the MX and tht was designed for BIS by a US Gunsmithy. The vehicles for blufor are currently in use.Hunter being fazed in replacing the hmmws and Israel have been fielding the Slammer (Merkava MK4) since 2004.

That being said who dosnt like driving around and fielding the same gear as from movies/pictures/series etc.

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I only caught waft of the Arma series because of the stripped down Arma2Free, and even that was in the post-steam days (although I did have a much-cherished demo of Operation Flashpoint I got with a magazine, way back when), but despite my "left out" feelings and excitement to try the assets, I have baited breath.


To start, the word port has terrible, terrible connotations. But worse still, that this is seen as, in Dyslexci's own words: "the future of Arma 3" I think is wrong. The current conflict has big plot holes and shortcomings, though its technical predictions aren't too bad. The assets this pack brings to the table need to be used to simulate (meaning to have or feel) the military operation Altis should have been.


I'm talking crumbling battle-rifle armed European armies trying to peace-keep in a former territory in transition, and an interfering USA, and its special forces, armed with prototypes (AR-10, EM-2) conducting political assassinations to see the conflict go their way.


So rather than its future, a glance at its (more relatable) past, perhaps.




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C.U.P is and always has been the next / continued step from the ALLinARMA project (AKA best mod project ever for the Arma series),


it's good that people like Dyslexi have finally jumped on board and are trying to get more people aware and eager for it to release (might give it the kick and recogintion from BI it needs to reach that goal)


hopefully it will come to full fruition with everything past and present being brought up to A3 standards but it is a long long way off from completion 

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