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Connecting to the modded server, then returns to main screen

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I was looking trough servers in Play With Six and saw this modded server of you guys. I was interested and downloaded all the mods (https://play.withsix.com/arma-3/collections/G5WZvAS3PEuGq8W_6Z2e-w/ahoyworld-modded) I join the server, It loads a bit I see welcome to the server in the bottom left text and then my screen returns to Arma III main menu.

Did I do something wrong?

nvm I got the answer here. http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3465-play-with-six-arma-modded-server/

My bad, had to look better at this forum

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Hello there


I do had problems for days trying to get PWS to work as its what I use for all my online BIS gaming.


As you say the correct information is here on the site, however there are many Ahoy "collections" on PWS, it might be worth either the mods here posting in their threads or contacting "Sickboy" (PWS creator) to ask to have those collections removed, or indeed the original creators if they originate here.


I was tearing whats left of my thinning hair out for over a week.


Both Yuri and I have been able to gain access through the link above though.





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