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As you might know, there are some... ahem ... Issues with the UAVs at the moment. The root of the issues is a BIS bug, and then there are some attempted fixes that didn't go so well and made it worse! As a result I decided to finally report the issue.





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In a Dedicated environment.

When player connects to UAV Driver for the first time, the vehicle will appear to sink beneath the terrain level briefly. This often causes an explosion.


Here is I believe (speculation) the precise issue:

The UAV crew (B_AI_F in this case) when created using createVehicleCrew, are not using the boundingCenter or center of the model as their reference position at first. I believe the AI_F crew are actually located at the bottom surface of the bounding box, or position ASL. So when a player connects to the UAV Driver, the UAV model is synced with the position of the remote controlled AI, which is below terrain level.


Supporting vid:





also posted here:



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