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Some things I would like...



Heyyo!  ;)


So it has come to my attention that we have vehicle parts in EU3 such as tracks and wheels. We also have fortifications too, no idea how they would work and never seen anyone use them but one day I might make an FOB with em, just for the chuckles.


Anyway, me being a person that tends to stock up on vehicle parts quiet a lot it would be absolutely AMAZING if we could get an area designated to the vehicle and fort parts so we can organize them better. If we could get signs saying what each fortification is then that would be amazing, if we could actually have some Jerry cans there that would be good and lastly, if you could make it so the items actually respawn because as far is I know, they don't.  :rolleyes:


A fuel truck would be quiet nice too, either hemtt or maybe a civilian, that would be great!  :D


Having a repair pad at different airfield (maybe salt lake or something) could be quiet useful so CAS can repair and rearm closer to battle, maybe then pilots will be more 'arsed' to swap out their 'pls laze' GBU's for some AGM's or something.  :P


If any of that could be done then I would be a very happy bunanuh!  :)


If anyone else has any ideas be sure to add them to the thread! EMOTICONS  :)  ;)  :P  :D  *thread crash*





Dat moment when a soldier doesn't get in your chopper and stands there staring at you...


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Tracks, wheels and building materials? hmm.. what about a stunt park for our daredevil in residence?


That aside, some permanent FOBs around the map would be a nice-to-have in lieu of rally points working expediently i.e. not robbing you, requiring the workaround.

In actual fact, FOBs would probably work better, in that, road travel (it is patrol ops, after all.) becomes more viable (less exposure to enemy patrols) and allows additional resources (vehicles) to be brought up in the divine light of posthumous knowledge.




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