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[bug] 2.80A: UAV pad not working

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The UAV pad is not working as inteded, as reported multiple times by players, the uav pad does NOT give back the ammo.


how to reproduce it :

use a uav and drive on the pad.


how to go around it:

ask zeus an ammobox to rearm the uav, or to spawn a new one.

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This is still an issue as of update 2.80B

edit: the .sqf is there but seems like it's not working.

edit2: the rearm.sqf is working as intended, seems like the missions uavs are the problem, looking into it.


aaaaand found it the function messing with it is "fn_vSetup002.sqf" seems that it delete the gbu and laser, making them IMPOSSIBRU to get back.

that's was working previously so I guess BI dun goofed

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