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Greyhawks/stomper bugged


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Hi guys


Just back from a week away and see there has been an update to both arma and the server. As i mostly fly the grey hawks i have noticed that they now no longer spawn with bombs/laser. even going to the rearm pads does nothing for them.


The stomper is also affected by this also spawning with no ammo in the turret. have i missed an update somewhere or has this been bugged with the recent update ? 






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Warning: Wall of Text below!!!



Sorry this is my fault, however I think BACONMOP has already published and uploaded the fix for it.



The reason for the issue:


During some of the development, the file related to UAV re-arm was not synced with the mission file. Result was no UAV re-arm-ability.


Also the 'spawning without ammunition' was intended, for two reasons.


1. Stops the UGV Stomper from cutting loose at spawn sometimes and engaging friendy helicopters if the pilot had, say, performed a hard landing and injured friendly passengers. So the UAV Operator must manually and consciously arm the UGV Stomper.


That was part of some 'vehicle responsibility' tweaks, along with the Turret Control for pilots of the turret-equipped helicopters.(credit baconmop for including the new Huron helicopter into it. was coded specifically for the ghosthawk)


Basically coding in an element of "if you are the effective commander of the vehicle then any damage done is definitely your responsibility". 


2. This is the real reason. An attempt at preventing UAV spontaneous explosion when UAV Operator connects to the Driver. A theory which wanted to test in MP was that perhaps when the UAV Operator connected to it, it 'spooked' the UAV into soiling itself via dropping its bombs, causing big boom. So perhaps removing its weapons on spawn would have mitigated this. NOPE! A failed attempt, but that was the reasoning. 



So that theory has been put to rest and now there is only one rational explanation for exploding UAVs.


When a UAV Operator connects to the UAV Driver, if the UAV is local to the server (network). It gets briefly set to Position At Sea Level when the locality is transferred to the UAV Operator. Of course Sea Level is below ground (approx 17 meters below dirt at the airbase), so there is a collision between the ground and the UAV, and an explosion is usually the result. This is a Bohemia bug which they refuse to acknowledge, and I informed them of it almost a year ago. So don't expect that to change or be fixed. Basically in the engine code somewhere is a reference to Sea Level which they have to change to Terrain Level.


The one way to bypass that crap is to spawn it in flight, orbiting the airfield. If that is agreeable, then it can be implemented without much trouble. It will get shot down often, crash often and collide with player vehicles sometimes, but that is the trade-off.

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ah that answers it.


I am aware of the terrain/sea level bug but i only normally come across it when i first join as operator, after they blow up they normally seem to work almost like its a threatening lesson from that one teacher with the mole.


thanks for the answer 

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