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Suggestion : Cameraman


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Hey guys just thought,

Would it be possible to add like a press slot to certain missions? So someone can join in as press and they have to wear press body armor and all and are never engaged in combat by both parties just to record the whole match. And of course have a civilian helicopter or such to get on location on their own to record the awesomeness.


This all for fun and such offcourse. (i for one wouldn't mind running around recording the whole firefights and such)


greetz hellspawn


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I think it would be cool if the missions would get recorded more often and put on a channel on yt but a player can do that. I think that if there is a guy running around in a blue vest, it would be very distractieve. And also not realistic

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Nice enough idea. Until the press chopper starts flying over nests of enemy and activating them all ruining any hope of a surprise attack

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