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EU4 - Whuuuuut!?


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Two news articles in one day, what is this sorcery?  :ph34r:


I am here for the second time today, to announce our new dedicated PVP server on EU #4! Previously only used for testing purposes, this server is being rolled out 24/7 to host a mission which is widely referred to, as the best PVP mission. Some of you may remember it from ArmA 2, it's Warfare Benny edition!


For those that haven't played this before, it's a variation of CTI. You spawn in at the start of the mission in a random location with only a handful of vehicles including a command vehicle, a player from each side then gets voted as their team commander and they then lead their team (that's the idea anyway). You then all head off with the command vehicle to a location where the commander decides to place your base, the ideal balance of under cover but with the possibility for later expansion (helicopters etc). The two teams then battle it out to capture so far unclaimed towns from the locals until they own X% of the map.


Oh and one more thing:




The server is up as of now, 16 players per side and each side has 3 different TeamSpeak channels to utilize. If any of you run into problems while using the mission or have any feedback, please let us know!

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Excuse my ignorance if you please, but is Warfare Benny Edition with or without AI and Basebuilding?



EDIT; OP might have been edited while I was posting... or I had an aneurysm while reading the post first time, both plausible.

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Also my heart skipped a beat when I read the headline. 


Might be a sign that I'm abit of a Paradoxian when it takes effort to read EU4 as anything other then Europa Universalis IV :P 




PS. Warfare in ArmA2 was awesome, I'll give this a try for sure. 

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Never played much Arma 2, tended to get hacked too much then when I got into it, it was pretty much abandoned and only played by hackers and dumb children.


Shall give this a try though for sure! PVP would be a nice change of pace.



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Nice :D! I really liked the benny warfare mission back in the day, used to play it on a custom server with mods long, long ago. 

To add even more awesomesauce, would it be possible to run it on the new Bornholm map to bring even back more Arma nostalgia (eg EU terrain)?

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