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DLC Patch lag


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I am new to arma 3 and HW but before the patch I was getting 60 fps and no crashes on HW E1 and other servers.


Since yesterday my fps is now around 20 with lag, also today I am unable to play for very long as I seem to crash the program when I am in the new choppers as a passenger.


Yesterday I had the same low fps on another server that I also had 60fps before but I did not crash the program then.

HW E1 was unplayable yesterday for me.


The only thing that has changed is the new patch.


I have just checked SP mode and the also has is down to 30fps and it also was 60fps, also the saved game for a mod mission is now incompatible since the patch.


All very odd.



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Hi David


I will check, but I have just noted the crashes and FPS drop are reported in the feedback tracker in Arma for the new patch dated today.


I am on max at the moment so I could change thing to improve FPS but it worked on max before.

It does seem that the saved file format has change some how.  




Edit... Change setting to very high and now back to 60fps SP and between 20 - 40 MP, froze for about 20 seconds on leaving chopper. 

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