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Hi All


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As you can tell my name is Colin.

Retured he he, ex Software Engineer (C,C++,C#), ex RCT, think cold war and no shooting people.


I am newish to PC games as the last time I played on PC was OFP and had not built a games PC for about 15 years as I have an XBOX.

Four letter word.

The one I built gives me 60FPS (using shadowPlay for FPS) on Ahoy server so I am happy.


Thank to the people who have help me in game on line as sometimes I am clueless. I need do do a PHD for the Virtual Ammo Box
You can  find me on the battlefield, just look for the dead one.

Now how do I get that little picture in my profile?


Cheers All


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Welcome Komrade !


if you can find a slot, jump onto teamspeak and say hi,


also,  bandwidth dependant


Grab Arma3sync and follow the details to get onto the modded server .. it's quite a high bar to pass, as prevention to hackers and the like,  but it's where the real fun happens.

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Thank you Bruce and Kenny


I have installed the official add-ons but not the moded ones as I am still finding my feet.


Thanks for the invite Bruce, but I am still sorting things out so I am not ready for E3 at this time, I need a new headset as the cheep one I have kills my ears after about 15 minutes and I still have to get a computer desk and chair, working on the coffee table does not work.


I will make my mistakes on E1 for now, then try E3 later when I know what I am doing.


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