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Question about one of the mods.

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From what I understand about the mods, it's Alive that adds an additional menu on your esc. screen to the right of ArmA 3s default menu, where instead of choosing "abort" on the ArmA menu, there is an option to select "player exit" that "saves" your progress (hunger, thirst e.t.c.) and carries it across to your next session (persistency).


However, having tried this out I haven't noticed becoming thirsty or hungry, but this may be down to loading classes from the arsenal, it not having been configured on EU #3 or even my *cough* high mortality *cough*.


Nevertheless, I still carry a canteen, two water bottles, a tikka masala, and a lamb curry - and save on the biscuit brown.


edit: changed to reflect further information received, thanks to kennychr.




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Hench that isnt CSE, that is Alive, as in their persistancy options, we are not running persistancy on our mission currently and dont see the need for it atm.


In regards to the MREs etc. this is tweakable in time span, but who would like to drink\eat every 15minutes? 

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