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The modded server A3.

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Hey everyone,

I've downloaded the mods for the modded server of arma 3 and i'll be joining you guys tomorrow. It looks like a really good mod pack so i'm really looking forward to it. I saw a lot of new thing so is it oke to ask for help in the server or should i look for some YT videos and learn how to mods work first before joining?

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Basically Patrol Ops is a more teamwork based Invade and Annex, although the missions are much different to Invade's usual 'take a town'. It has missions that vary from taking UAV data by securing the area and covering while someone gets the data all the way to capturing top VIP targets that requires precise planning and top notch teamwork. I personally tend to play Teamleader a lot on the server so you can expect to see me lead you and many others into the battle with preplanning, there may also be secondary leaders if there is a lot of players involved. 


See you on the battlefield friend and welcome to the fight!



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