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Hello the gents!


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Hi there im new to this cool looking community. You can call me Damage (just kiddin you have to call me Damage), Im 19 and I love Arma 3.
Im new to arma but at the same time old. I know a lot of stuff but... at the same time I dont. So yh I hope I can learn something here and at the same time teach something. Btw I found this community/server from Luetin while watching one of his videos. Right now I cant play arma toomuch, simply becouse im on a shitty laptop which hardly handles arma. But dont worry im slowly buying my parts formy new pc. Its nothing to fancy. Its a 'kind-budget' pc build. Its just a i5 the top of the line one, GTX 770 and 8gb of ram. I Think that will be enough for me to play at a good standard. Thanks for listening to this realy long and boring chapter of me talking some crap! :)



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