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I am back


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Hello everyone, not sure if anyone remembers me. I haven't been here since almost exactly a year. Long story short, I went away from gaming because my dad got into a serious car accident. He was in a coma, after he came out of that, an infection messed one of his heart valves and he had to get an open heart surgery. Fortunately, he's ok now, still recovering but having a normal life.


So now I have reinstalled most of my games and slowly coming back to playing. Yesterday I tried A3, hated the way weapons sway now, but after downloading the AW accepted mods it made the game much better, I had a great time on EU#1 (until a dumb hacker appeared, but admins took care of him).


I am not sure if I will be playing a lot, my ping is quite bad, and I will be moving to a smaller town in the next months so I guess that will get worst, but I will be happy to contribute to the community in any way I can. I will start by updating my old vectorized logo thread, because the download links have expired. I lost the files when my hdd failed but I just downloaded Illustrator and created them again. Will use google drive this time so they wont expire.


Can't wait to see how I&A 3 will be, have been checking some of rarek's posts and it looks like it's going to be amazing.


Anyway, I'm glad to be here again :)


See you guys in the battlefield (maybe?)

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Wai! Wok is back!

Happy to hear your father is alright. Too bad I'm in a bit of a gaming low point right now. My graphics card is broken and I have no money to use to replace it at the moment. Otherwise I would have loved to join you on a server.

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