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Hi guys, here is my appeal to unban me from Your "Arma3 Invade and Annex EU" server.


Ingame Name:




Why do you think you were banned?:


I am not really shure.

But I did some stupid things in a row.

It was early morning and I had to do some work, but instead I was procrastinating, joining Your server knowing that I just don'have the time to play a whole mission.

So I picked one abandoned Mora tank from spawn to explore some areas at the base, where I haven't been before.

I fooled around at the UAV area, checking the PhysX properties of some objects there by bumping into them.

Everything there (as far as I have checked) seems to be rock steady.


Thats where my stupidity reached a new level.

I thought I was out of range from base and fired a couple of rounds into the refuel truck, wich is parked there, to further check the damage system. (UAV area, no players nearby)

There was no damage system, truck seems to be indestructable, and I guess thats a good thing.

That sound from the Mora cannon must have made something with me and changed my brain to some useless jelly.

Here may start the reason for the ban. My thoughts where like:

"...oh, the spawn over there! Wouldn't it be really dramatic for those guys over there, if they just get back in the game and still hear those cracking sounds from bullets over their heads...Don't kill them... just lighten up the atmosphere at base a little bit by adding some lead to the air above them..."

Like I said, it was early morning, brain seems not to have started, and my intentions where only to put some drama to the players, not killing them.

So I fired at spawn direction and next to a chopper wich just took of, but 15-20 meters above it to not put some players in danger.

There was no warning.

Mora blew up - ban happened.


I recorded the whole thing, wich can be used as proof if necessary. I tried to attach that video here, but it says I am not permitted to upload that kind of file. Instead I load up a sad slideshow.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?


Usually I am a good and delightful addition to every Arma3 session.

I am a very patient, friendly and somehow skilled player. I like to do some good teamplay, follow orders; and I am also able to lead and take good care of a squad. I am no troll by any means.

As a 46 Year old, I passionately play this game since the first demo for OFP CWC and being banned on one of the most popular servers just feels wrong and won't do me justice.



Which administrator banned you?:


Can't really tell, because there was no warning or any kind of conversation during that incident.

Only info I have is the message window popping up after respawn: "You were taken out of the game: (BattlEye: Admin Ban (Anton / tk / mykeyrm))

Guess thats a teamkill Ban... but as I said, I didn't teamkilled and never intendet to.


When were you banned?:


Sunday 26.October 2014, 9:32 (German time)


Your player UID (this is available in player settings):




And btw. I'm sorry and will never do that again.












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Shooting at vehicles in base and then firing rounds towards friendlies in base is a sure fire way of getting yourself banned from our servers so I am not in the least bit surprised it happened. The random explosion was most likely an admin blowing up your vehicle to stop further shooting at friendlies. 


In my opinion this is a fairly blatant rule break but I was not present so this appeal will be discussed with other Core Staff and the banning admin and we will get back to you.


Just as an additional personal note, if you plan on testing elements of the Arma engine please do it in your own private server and not on our public ones. Thank you.

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It was early morning and I had to do some work, but instead I was procrastinating

Well you know what they say about procrastination?


It's much like masturbation in that at the time it seems like a good idea but at the end of the day you're only f***ing yourself.


And look on the bright side you probably got some work done after the ban!!

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I would like to thank you very much for checking our damage system, it obviously needs a test from time to time just in case, perhaps a great idea that also the mora's barrel is indeed in working order. i am sorry to hear the economy is suffering from you procrastinating and for that i apologize on behalf of the team for offering this distraction to you.


I appreciate ambient firing may be a welcome addition, I'm sure every other player in the server thinks that friendly armor should be shooting at nothing above their heads. There is a health and safety issue with that unfortuneatly. they aren't wearing any safety goggles most of the time and that's why you're out of luck.


in the UK when you are arrested the police say something similar to the following


"you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used as evidence against you in court".


If you wish to post a video that would be great.

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Thx for the feedback and the life lessons about procrastination and stuff.

Never thought about the economical impact I have, while play and delaying work.



It might not change Your minds that much, but here is the video of the incident:



Please tell me when You made Your final verdict, so we all can forget about it

and go on, in one or the other way.


best wishes (seriously)



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/yeah the part where you purposefully try to ram into stuff and purposefully shoot stuff, to top it off you tried to shoot a wildcat.


Sorry bud, you've basically signed your own ban appeal rejection. We'll see what mykey says but from my point of view it's a no.

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I've posted all of the above in full honesty to show You that I don't attempted to teamkill and never would.


I did not try to shoot down the chopper at the end. Check my aim at the end, it is slightly of, and thats not by lack of skill.

Please take that in count, I didn't wanted to say too much more about it, but as You seem to have judged that point wrong, excuse me

this note.




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Team-killing or the lack there of has nothing to do with this really. The fact of the matter is when you tried ramming into stuff and shooting at it you had no way of knowing they would not explode, so what if they had, then what? It would have been a blatant, conscious attempt to troll our server, at least from our point of view. You just got lucky that they did not get destroyed.


As Raz stated, we shall wait and see what Mykey has to say, but unfortunately at the moment it would be a no from myself also. 

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Thx again for the replies.

What You guys say makes all sense, and I also would be pi**ed when someone would do so on my own property.

I got that point absolutely.

But here in germany law terms we have something that is called "nicht vorbestraft" which means -according to google translate- "not previously convicted".

That means when someone did something wrong, and it was the first time, judgement isn't punishing him with full effect.

I had no chance to proof that I learned about what is a no-go, and behave better.

Pls believe me, that if there would have been a warning or a kick instead, I had stopped that behaviour, and never again did so.

I am really a good Arma comrade and I know it was utter bullsh*t what I did there, but isn't a complete ban a bit to harsh.




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Apologies for the wait Anton. We have decided to remove the ban and give you a second chance.


However, due to the nature of what you did any further ban you receive in the future will be permanent and not subject to removal. 


Thanks for your patience. And enjoy your vacation.

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Hey , guys.

Thats great news. Thx for that.

As curious as I am I dared to check here for one last time. And no dissapointment.

Thats really cool, can't wait to meet You online in 3 weeks.

Promise no more gear testing on Your property.

In addition I uploaded two clips, one is me showing of as Squad-lead/medic/RPG gunner, second is a test of the downwash physics in the game.




Have a good time, cya

Yours Anton (André)

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Apologies for the delay in my reply, I Work nights and sleep days.

Agreed this ban can be lifted. Based on the effort put in to get the ban removed id say you have learnt a lesson and earned a second chance. I May have been a bit hasty in my ban without warning but from my point of view you were aiming with intention at those choppers and following the fire on vehicles it didn't look good.  


Enjoy your second chance, play nice. 



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