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Just Released "FC-37 THUNDER"

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Hello my comrades


Today on steam I saw a FC-37 THUNDER which you could saw in Make Arma Not War campaign :D


Image: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/40857044584464105/A963565FB5835E70166832926DA7C9B0066E3AD6/





FC-37 Thunder Multirole Fighter 

Custom ordnance: 
- AIM-120D Medium Range Air to Air Missile 
- AIM-9X Short Range Air to Air Missile 
- GBU-32 JDAM 
- GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb 
- FC-37 External Gunpod (25mm GAU-22/A) 

Fully animated High Quality model 
Realistic Flight Control Surface animation 
Custom Animations for entering and exiting 
Realistic Helmet Mounted Display 
Animated Multifunction Display with working SMS, Fuel and FLIR display 
Disable cannon when gear are lowered (you dont want to shoot your own landing gear) 
Weapons bay doors open/close intuitively 
Foldable wingtips 
Animated refueling nozzle and arresting hook 


Mod Author&Creator: Saippua

Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330990595


P.S. Please add it to the Modded server :D *Wink* *Wink*


Ducky Out  :ph34r:

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The fake-10 is fake because arma is set in 2035 or something the 'future' which i think is a horrible idea but it's just the theme of the game they will probably make more shit like that.


In one of the live streams one of the dev's said that they almost added a tank with a railgun on it... thank god they didn't go through with that. 

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Well i'm not i love this game it's just that i don't like the time in which this game is set almost nobody does who really plays this game. Every unit i have seen has mods for more realistic guns and vehicels. I was just pointing out to Cain that the A-10 is fake because of this theme it is set in.

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They took a perfectly solid aircraft and; instead of just putting it in, decided to dress it up with angles and a paint-scheme more at home on a F-117 Nighthawk. At least a tank with a railgun is more appropriate of the time-setting. 


The F-35 is still horrible anyhow. Chuck in an F-22 or an overhauled F-16, oxygen supply issues aside it's still a mile better. Even the Fake-10 is, horrible makeover aside.

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