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so Stratis for me has always been my favourite over Altis. I love the geography and overall layout of the island along with its features and landmarks. I spoke to Mykey and he thought it would be a good idea for us to host one of the servers for Stratis on a smaller scale, I did ask Bacon about this as well but he did not think people would be interested in it so thats why I am bringing it here for discussion.


I personally have a good squad with which I can operate, and I feel that if we hosted Stratis I&A on one of the Ahoy servers it could be regularly active and if we capped it around 20-30 players this would allow us to have a more stable server than sometimes Altis on EU1 can be.


Stratis would allow for a different style of play which is more squad based, and allow for eg 2 man operations etc this is always a really enjoyable experience.


Boats become more viable as the island is smaller as are the Subs.


Armor vehicles would be limited to APCs

Helis - maybe max of 2 Orca / Hellcat / Ghosthawk

Fixed Wing - none


I would very much like to see this return so that it gives some options for people who want a smaller 4-6 man squad experience but still within the standard I&A missions as well as going back to the enjoyable Stratis map



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the point though is not necessarily to have the server full on a regular basis but to enable people who have a squad of 5 - 10 to be able to have something they can do. Altis on the large I&A is only so enjoyable when you have people rolling the base over and over.


I look through most of the other Ahoy servers regularly at the moment and they are nearly always empty?


I dont see how it could hurt to give people the Stratis option. I for one would definitely be participating and also I would be promoting it through my youtube content.


Even if it was for a month period I would very much like to see this put forward

I want to be able to experience and create content like this again, often the AOs in Altis are rolled over in as little as 10-15 minutes because there are so many people operating in the server there. This can mean that sometimes by the time you are picked up for transport the AO can be nearly complete. I have had multiple times this week that due to amount of players I ended up with perhaps only 1 or 2 engagements. Which means that the majority of your time is spent waiting for pickup or being transported instead of finding targets and engaging.


If we had Stratis as an option I am certain that I could get people there and I am sure people would enjoy having the option. Perhaps the reason it was empty before all the time was because it didnt have someone to champion push it forward. People are more likely to join a server with a few players on, than they are a server thats empty.


I want to see more of this kind of content that originally got me excited about ARMA but that I am less and less able to experience now –





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Yes indeed the AO on Altis is cleared way to fast. This is something the admins should really look at. Most servers are indeed empty half the time. So way not, I would love to see the option to play on both. 

We also need more leaders or something in the server. Because everyone is just doing random stuff there is barely any communication and it just is more fun when you work together in a squad. The teamspeak is horreble at the moment there is rarely anyone in it and nobody says anything. Alot of people are very unfriendly, there was some music playing in the teamspeak and i asked if anyone knew how to turn it of and someone told me to shut up or leave. 

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Oh the call of Stratis every few months this happens we all get tired of the big map,

yes it does make a nice change from Altis, but it does also grow old rather quick too - actually extremely quickly from past experiences,


Hence why the modded server came into being in the first place was to experminent on new (old A2 maps) but cause of bugs and issues with parts of the mission not recognising the maps it was sort of scrapped (read as waiting for a BI fix) 


We might add in a Stratis version into rotation but it'll take time to restructure and move bits ans bobs to fit the smaller map, so keep an eye on the news section for updates 


what would be cool is if we could transition seamlessly between the 2 maps, i.e. at a certain trigger point a command is issued for all trops to muster at the airfield and load into transports we take off fly south then a little cut scene or transitoin loading screen and we land at airfield on SStratis, but that is a bit of a pipe dream :) 

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Well i remember playing on stratis when Arma 3 was still in Beta i enjoyed it. Sure it will get old fast because there are only a limited amout of location you can go to but i think if you keep the sever cap low enough so the AO wont be cleared in 20min it could be a nice change.

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I support the idea.


For me Stratis is the better island of the two and seems to hold more continuity with the story, a population of 200 is believable, and the explanation that they were killed in acts of genocide (using Kamino as a firing range) makes the map more acceptable. That's perhaps the reason why so many servers use the map to host Wasteland and island life.


From the search I did earlier, I think it's a shame that there is only one combat mission server, running I&A, using Stratis as its environment. To say that more people prefer Altis, I don't think is necessarily true, it's just the way that I&A has evolved into vast combined arms that makes Altis more appropriate.


A successful Stratis server would have to offer something different, vehicles would probably be IFVs and amphibious assault - tanks, hunters and ifrits would be out; and CAS would have to be curtailed (hummingbirds at most) in favour of player controlled artillery. In essence it would have to take props from Grenada, Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich conflicts.


Due to Stratis' size, AOs would have to be more varied for one, but also basic aspects of the game would have to be extended, something that would perhaps be best achieved on EU#3 using mods, aspects like navigation, missions requiring enemies to be captured and field triage are to name a few areas.


I was more elaborate originally and drafted an entire strategy for it, but I might save it for a DIY project.




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Just was wondering if we had made any progress this week. I know the helicopter stuff is coming in etc etc. Maybe we should just throw one of the new ones in on the Stratis map if it makes a come back.

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Just was wondering if we had made any progress this week. I know the helicopter stuff is coming in etc etc. Maybe we should just throw one of the new ones in on the Stratis map if it makes a come back.


Myself and Dave are just talking about it now actually. I believe Sheep is/was working on transferring a new version of I&A over to Stratis. I will have to ask him his progress when he is next online. 

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Maybe if its possible to have another server (The EU2 which is never online I believe) to be as Stratis so people could switch between the islands if they prefer one to another. I didn't see this mentioned at all. I really like Stratis as well, but I hate that is really small (From one side of the island to the other is about max 10km) so that means helicopters aren't that useful anymore, and I love flying then anything else, so yeah.

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Since we are on the topic of maps, I would like to inquire if there is the possbility of adding a custom map to the roulation, e.g. Bornholm.

The fact is, people eventually get bored with a certain map due to the terrain becoming well-known, something that wouldn't necessarily happen in a war, what with all the shifting front and whatnot (not an army person, so can't speak for certain, so excuse me if I am very wrong :o ).


The downsides to using a different map would obviously be that the map mission file has to be reworked to correspond to the towns on said map ( a shame nobody every set up a system in which the map makers can designate towns and special areas for modmakers to use). Also, everyone would have to download the map, but IIRC this issues was also mentioned when you guys debated over the modded server, and as far as I can tell, apart from the initial struggle it is now working great. Kudos for that BTW!


But yeah, custom map; thoughts?

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