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Think You Could Do Something About That Map?


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with all the huge names, clan tags, rank tags in people's names it was bad enough before ... now with everyones class listed as well its a big blue fucking mess.   you couldn't have done symbols?   there should be an option to turn it off ... it looks horrible and when attacking west to east the map is completely covered.  Its pure shit ...

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First of welcome to our forums.


Second, it seems like you have a problem with something specific and I cannot really make out what it is (clan tags and covered map?!?). I also get the impression that you are not playing on one of our servers since we don't have rank tags and clan tags in our names. It would be helpful for us if you clearly specified what problems you have and also mention on what server you are playing, because it may well be that it is not one of ours.





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Hello and welcome to the forum from me as well.


I think what he is trying to say is, the new player markers system on I&A has large markers of players (name + role) and it seems they obstruct the clear vision of the map.


I personaly prefer the way they are now, but maybe just using a marker only with a name could fix the marker mess that occurs when a lot of players are in one small area.

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They do obstruct map markers, that is an acknowledged reality of using Icons instead of Markers. They appear on a layer above markers, so a marker can be completely obscured if there are enough icons over it.




Putting in a system where the player has some control over what is shown, depending on what information they require.


Right now that script is still just a stable release build, with no added controls or complexity.


It will get more advanced as time goes. In development version the code is in place to hide names and classes, but working on making it all GUI friendly.



I have no idea what you mean by 'symbols'. 


At the end of the day, if you don't like something, change it on your copy and play on your server where you are in 100% control of the scripts :)


Coming onto a community forum and acting snarky in your first post isn't the best delivery system for your--IMO--valid point.

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