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Helicopters DLC assets now in Dev Branch Build!


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As the title says, the latest dev branch build has all the assets for the Helicopters DLC in them, changelog here.

However, some things are currently borked. No surprise there, "Something's bugged" might as well be BI's motto by now.

The load-master of the Taru (The CSAT Skycrane look alike) currently has his neck snapped and faces the same way as the pilots along with the rather glaring issue that ownership isn't currently working, so everybody gets the "position locked" detail when they try and enter from the ground or move around the cabin.

That last part only affects the Taru crew however, as the Huron doesn't let you move around. The passengers however, do not have this issue. They can now move from a regular passenger seat to one that is in a position to fire from the vehicle. That in itself is quite fun, sitting in the back of the transport variants with a LMG as you descend into a hellish LZ. 


So, wall of text into summary:

  • New choppers are in; CSAT Tandem Rotor "Taru" (8 variants, potentially 16 once the black variants are added), Mini angular chinook look alike "Huron" (2 variants) and a civilian hummingbird "M-900"
  • New skin for the armed Orca (I see what you did there BI...)
  • Firing from vehicles is in there too, along with sling loading and the advanced flight model (Unsure how recent the former 2 are)

So, here's a pretty thorough album of the two military choppers


If anyone has any requests for pictures and can't be arsed DL'ing the dev branch update, leave a post on here or message me on steam

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awesome pictures :) i wonder if you can change modules on the fly

According to the forum thread, you can't switch out on the dedicated versions (I.E. the medical one can't drop its medical container) but the basic one can sling load logistics containers. Who knows? Maybe they'll add that option in, would be pretty neat.


Call sign 'Stringfellow Hawke'   :D


Jan-Michael Vincent is BACK !!!


Why does it not surprise me that was from the 80's...

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^^ this, however that would totally redundantify the repair spec slot unless that role just sits at base waiting for incoming downed vech's

Call sign 'Stringfellow Hawke'   :D


Jan-Michael Vincent is BACK !!!


And Archangel can come back to try find where your hiding her :)

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