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Arma Action Button Mod


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Ladies and gentlemen, are you fed up of dying to CSAT forces because your character is incapable of opening a door? Annoyed about trying to enter a vehicle with a grenade launcher equipped (along with several different shell types)? Then frustrate yourselves no further, for some deity in a mortal body has provided the solution to Bohemia Interactives inane choice of interaction medium. 

Make sure to vote for them on their MANW entry, because lord knows that this is a sterling idea that should have been implemented during development.

Release pending (Soontm)

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It has been released today, can be found on Armaholic


Requirements: CBA A3


The key can be bind in the menu, under Controls, Addon Controls.


EDIT: Tested the mod, runs pretty smooth localy, so far no issues, has a lot of options to set the mod to your preferences.

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