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ArmA3: Squad XML


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Not spoken about the XML in a while so I thought i'd bring it up.


Ever wondered how to get those AW tags in-game?

Well now you can!


All you need to do is fit the requirement and PM some information to an AhoyWorld member off staff!




  • Active and regular member of the community
    • (This includes teamspeak usage, decent forum posts, playing on our server, being constructive )


PM the following to an AhoyWorld member off staff!:


  • Your In-game name (Spelt exactly correctly)
  • Your UID (Can be found in your ArmA3 Profile)
  • And if you'd like some sort of short remark/quote. 


That is all! :)


Also if you should already be on it and it doesn't work PM one of us, with the above info but also send us the link/xml you were told you are on.

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