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Suggestion: Changing the 'Rifleman AT' class to AT missile specialist?

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If it is changed, people would spawn with Titans by default. Seeing that the PCML is woefully weak against even APCs, this change would make new players go into battle with the more powerful titans.


Also I suggest making the PCML available to all since the OPFOR equivalent RPG-42 can be carried by everyone.

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nice idea, great idea !!


now can we get all classes able to perform a wheel change on a vehicle ? 


basic repair script or some-such  that just fixes a wheel/track/engine to orange status so you can limp to a vehicle station faster.


not saying replace engineers or repair specs totally,  just real basic repairs that can take a minute to enact rather than the instant fix of repair spec.



(I would link to armaholic,  but for some reason IE  (at work damn them)  does not like this site and the URL link craps out)


Thanks man

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