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I&A with Helos DLC?


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I'm sure a LOT of folks are as excited about this as I am ... but I'm guessing there will be questions about how it affects AW missions !


So i'll try to verbalise a few so that folks can add thoughts and hopefully Core Staff can give us an idea of what to expect?


For me :


I'd like the new Flight Model to be optional at first,  only for the sake of the sanity of most casual players who just want to actually get somewhere alive.!  :)


and I really can't wait forthe new Helos'  hope they can be added to the roster straight away, But I understand there will be implications.


for example I'd suggest / request some changes :


1)   Much respect to whoever is responsible for the new base layout / location... But ...  all this may need more space to play.

I'd ask if we can move back to the airport lounge ?  at least for a while of practice.


You could leave the vehicles at their location currently with  a stock of quad bikes / hunters at base and a VAS box at vehicle depot.


2)  a side mission that is transporting supplies in a TEMPEST Ammo or cargo container (Essentially a VAS box)  that can be taken and delivered to an AO ... but is destructible.


3)  more aquatic side missions so that a BOAT full of troops can be delivered near to it for insertion.


4)  Can we pretty please make enemy jets a little less able to spot low flying helos ??   there needs to be some way to avoid detection

especially when there are multiple jets in the air with infinite missiles and flares.




5)  do the AI not have the ability to land and refuel / re-arm ?  set them up on the dust bowl air field as their own base that they need to return to re-arm a few times.




That's all ...  can't wait till November now,  crashing has never been so much fun !





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