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Revive influencing the inventory (Bug?)


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Hey folks,


I have experienced some kind of bug, which occurred when I got revived from a medic after death.

All my equipment got reset to standard medic gear (I was medic too), including weapons and ammo.


Now, that's really annoying and looks to exist due to a custom script from the server's mission host, meaning that's not a common bug of the game itself.


I couldn't reproduce this since I got revived only once in that play season. Nevertheless, you might want to check this anyway, so that's why wanted to report this here.


Hope it's something you can resolve.



Thanks :)


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I honestly think medics should not have the privilege of being revived. Harsh, yes I know. But it will instill some sense of restraint on the people playing the combat medic role. Too many times have i seen medics rushing ahead of the team only to get cut down like jap soldiers in a banzai charge. By doing this, people will stop using that role for trivial purposes and more habitual players would use it to actually help their team.


Just a thought. :D

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