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AW Virtual Trucking company (ETS2 TruckSim)


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Hi all,


I would like to inform you that we have opened a new sub-forum and a Virtual Trucking Company for Euro Truck Simulator 2.


Name of the company: AWLs: AhoyWorld Logistic Services


This is all very new and we still need our members help on the following items:

- Setup rules and information

- Design a cool logo for the application-form and login-page


For both items there is a forum thread where you can submit your input or logo's, so knock yourself out :) And thanks in advance for your help !


The forum can be found here:




Apply for trucking with us: http://myvtc.net/r/3634


Login to the company (after we accept your application) : http://AW.myvtc.net/


Happy Trucking!

AW Staff

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