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Life database wipe + police restructure


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Hello folks.


I’m writing to inform you of some changes to the life server, mainly two!


Database wipe


We will be wipeing the whole database for a fresh start. I’m doing this so that everyone now starts on the same level. After a few large money inputs during test stage.


For all the current players you will receive a 400k package for the work you’ve done over the weekend.

We feel it would be better to do this sooner than later. I hope you all can understand.


Police restructure


With this i’ll be taking over lead as Chief of Police.


I’ll be structuring the police department into three main departments.


Patrol, Detective and S.W.A.T.


This will work as follows:


You will start as a cadet. Then into Patrol Officer under the Superintendent. Your next promotion will be to Senior Patrol Office, Still under the Patrol Superintendent.


After this you’ll reach the rank of Sergeant at which stage you may choose which department you’d like to work in.


Applications for Patrol Superintendent, S.W.A.T Super and Detective Super are now open!


You can apply here for the above positions or apply here to join as cadet.


For those who’ve already applied you’ll receive a PM with details.

Thank you everyone and enjoy! 

Contact me for you 400k!

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