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Insurgency booming and other news


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As of recent here at Ahoy we've been probing into different spaces... No matter how disgusting that sounds the findings are interesting!




Thanks to our team the new insurgency server is definitely alive. although if you are reading this insurgency user, we want you! sign up and chat to us today. the statistics for active users are great. So much so that once we joked about having a second server, but now perhaps it's more serious than that, we're currently ranked 9th according to the tracker


want a link to insurgency? look no further





In ARMA 3 news


EU1 updates are streaming out however we're taking a fresh look into I&A3, can't say much about it but it's core is ready, it just needs making a little more user friendly. Another Rarek masterpiece for sure though.


EU 2, is always empty so we have some ideas for this to try spruce it up a tad! One idea in particular i'm not sure i can talk about, another is a public Zeus event where even joe bloggs can have a go at trying to make a fun mission on the fly, it isn't easy trust me! Finally our game night missions of past could even be thrown into rotation. If you have any ideas or would like to see something in particular go ahead and reply to this or whack me an email! [email protected]


Eu 3 still hosting modded missions, namely Patrol ops, a bit like I&A but better suited to smaller operations, involving Task Force radio, this server is a favourite amongst our members and admins, if you'd like to give it a go try out Arma3 sync, our modded catalogue is available on there. Using Arma3 sync you can keep up to date easily too. Here's a guide for you to follow step-by-step


Life server? interested in it? please let us know so we can gauge the interest and hopefully provide another well administrated server




Fancy something different? David's pc went on the blink and as a result we've got some great new twitch content.

perhaps you'd like to see some trucking or an ALMIGHTY TRAFFIC JAM!!!


Other games we've been playing lately include: (click pictures for more information)


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