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Now, even though I'm practically the only person who still plays GRID: Autosport on a regular basis, anyone who's interested in a more simulator-type racing game should take a look at project CARS. I didn't actually hear much about it until relatively recently, but its the same studio that was behind NFS Shift and Shift 2, along with a few other big titles I forgot.


They actually self-published this through community funding, and in a more 'the players have the say' kind of way, where their playerbase has given them feedback and things they may want to see in the game. Looking through IGN's interview with them at Gamescon, the game itself looks really nice: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/09/04/how-well-tuned-is-project-cars (First video)


It releases on Windows/PS4/Xbone in November (so that's another game to add to the November wish-list for me)


Again, I'm not too sure how 'realistic' the handling and all that is, but the level of detail the developers have put into the tracks, the cars, stuff like the dynamic weather, the interesting take on a career mode, and a few other cool things (pit stops!) makes me want this game. Here's their website which has information on their growing tracklist (which they say will be one of the largest on release) and their car-list (not as many right now but they're releasing more as it gets closer to release date) http://www.projectcarsgame.com/


Take a look at it whoever's interested, I'll most likely be pre-ordering it. See if it's less rage-inducing than GRID can be sometimes.

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The simulator community has been referring to it as a screenshot simulator for the last year of it's development, which hasn't filled me with massive confidence over the realism of the sim, obviously I'll still get it to try out for myself.


Anyone who wants to start throwing simulator around needs to get Assetto Corsa though, there is literally no other sim that feels as hooked up as AC.

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