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DCS up to 60% off, autumn sale


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Get em' while they're hot


An autumn sale has started on DCS, ever thought "yeah I'll wait for it to go on sale" well it's time to scoop up the simulator you've been waiting for and join the rest of us in the sky (Or even command the battles from the ground and call in air strikes yourself for 8 USD)




DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3: $39.99 to $15.99 (60% off)
DCS: A-10C Warthog: $39.99 to $15.99 (60% off)
DCS: Black Shark 2: $39.99 to $15.99 (60% off)
DCS: Combined Arms: $19.99 to $7.99 (60% off)
DCS: UH-1H Huey: $49.99 to $24.99 (50% off)
DCS: P-51D Mustang: $29.99 to $11.99 (60% off)
DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight: 49.99 to $24.99 (50% off)
F-15C for DCS World: $9.99 to $4.99 (50% off)
A-10A for DCS World: $9.99 to $4.99 (50% off)
Su-25 for DCS World: $9.99 to $4.99 (50% off)
DCS: F-86F Sabre: $49.99 to $39.99 (20% off)
DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora: $49.99 to $39.99 (20% off)


In other news
Reports go out via newsletters regarding the progress of the F18, L-39, Hawk, C-101 oh my god it's an exciting time for DCS
Additionally they talk about the improved engine (Project EDGE: DCS 2.0) that will release this year
For the news letter:
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Alas, I have no moneys right now. Otherwise I'd be looking at MI-8 and the Sabre. Gives a chance for Christiansen to get some for his new stick though :D


MI8 is alright, nice flight model but the cockpit is very different to the huey/ka50 for sure. there's an english cockpit mod (thank god) that helps


as for the sabre, not for me but i've heard good things

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