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Short break


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Hey guys!


This is mostly for the minecrafters but anyone else as well :)

As of saturday I will be on a well deserved 2 week holiday from work and not be in the country or have any access to a computer or device for that time.

Meaning that there will be no updates or fixes to any of the minecraft servers unless Bufu :D feels he wants to do it ^^ 


I know some people are gonna miss me (tsori ;P) but don't cry too much xD



But yeah, seriously, anything that you need help with can either be sorted by Bufu, Kam or I'm sure on of the other core staff will be willing to help.



Please don't break the server while i'm gone guys, i've got some rather nice structures I want to keep xD






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I'll try not to spend my 175k spruce logs all at once while your gone :lol:


Enjoy the brake dude ill keep a close eye on the MC server in the mean while, maybe my internets will act nice for a change and allow me to download the map so i can test the updates properly before releasing them <_<

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