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DCS A-10C/World Gaming Night


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Hi Guys!


I'd like to get into some proper DCS multiplayer missions so was wondering if anyone wants to participate. Would ideally want 4+ to make the mission worthwile (ie have enough stores to kill everything). You would need to be reasonably competent in your chosen aircraft so that people can be talked onto targets easily and everything can flow. Let me know if you're up for it and we can arrange a night. Sometime this bank holiday would be good



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I'm interested, though since they apparently patched how I used my joystick to look around the A-10C, I might not be able to be as effective with it. Otherwise, I could use the Huey or the FC3 aircraft. 

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I'd be up for it


pretty much what Zissou said competence in the A-10 regards weapon systems / nav is somewhat lacking



Also if there's any low flight / silly aerobatics I'm in :)





Also has everyone seen the list of aircraft & new maps in development and due out this & next year and beyond

better start saving :)


DCS Air Force Training Pack
BAE Hawk T.1A – July/August 2014 *
Short Tucano – July 2015
Grob G115E Tutor – July 2015
Pilatus Pc21

DCS Warbirds Collection
Curtiss P-40F - December 2014 *
Grumman F8F Bearcat – February 2015 *
Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV – April 2015 *
HA-1112 Buchon - May 2015 *
Hawker Typhoon – Q3 2015
Grumman Wildcat – Q4 2015
Dehaviland Mosquito Mk IV 
Dehaviland Mosquito Mk XVI
Messerchmitt Me109T
Supermarine Seafire 17 
Hawker Sea Hurricane
Hawker Sea Hawk
Curtiss Hawk 75
Curtiss P-40C
Focke Wulf FW190A-8 / F-8
Messerschmitt Bf109-E4
North American A-36 Apache
Douglass DC3

DCS Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (RAFBBMF)
We are currently in discussion with them to develop the pack and an announcement will be made soon.
Avro Lancaster
Douglas C-47 Dakota
Hawker Hurricane MkI 
Hawker Hurricane MkIIb
Various Supermarine Spitfire’s in their collection

DCS Jets
Eurofighter Typhoon – 2015 *
Airbus A330 MRTT Refueller – Included with the Typhoon as AI then developed ASM/EFM after to be sold separately.
A-4C Skyhawk – July 2015
A-4M Skyhawk – December 2015
SAAB JAS Gripen 
Dassault Rafale 
Hunter Hawker
Dehaviland Venom
Dehaviland Vampire
Panavia Tornado GR1
Hawker Siddley FAS1 SeaHarrier
North American T-28 Fennec
Gloster Meteor

DCS Helicopters
Boeing/Augusta AH64D Apache
Westland Lynx
Westland Wessex
Boeing CH-47 Chinook
Aerospatial Puma

Map Areas
Duxford (test development map)
North Africa – Tubruq
Mach Loop – Welsh Valleys
Falkland Islands



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I can't wait for that list to come to fruition!! I'm liking all this interest aswell.

What I reckon is I'll set up a training mission to see what everyone can do so that the proper missions we do aren't too easy or too hard.

I've got some range targets so can set up a proper range and practice unguided bombing runs. We'll also need to practice AAR as this is present in most of the missions I have planned.

In terms of when. Well, when are people free? I can do pretty much any night but would prefer weekends.

I'll probably be on teamspeak every evening this week sorting out the missions so feel free to ask anything if you see me about.

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