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I&A Medic Script

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Hi All, 


Love the map. We're making some changes to fit in with how we play and one thing I'd like is to be able to revive no matter what slot/class you are.


So far I've been unable to locate how to do this, I've delved through the De-PBO'd files but need a nudge in the right direction.


Many Thanks







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Hey H3rm1t, 


I'm going to assume you are using 2.77L_C, if not it will be similar in other versions.


1. Open this .sqf:   co45_AW_Invade_Annex_2_77L_C.Altis\scripts\=BTC=_revive\=BTC=_revive_init.sqf

2. With in the "=BTC=_revive_init.sqf" go to line 21. it should say:     BTC_who_can_revive = ["B_medic_F","B_recon_medic_F"];

3. Replace the: "B_medic_F","B_recon_medic_F" part with "man"

4. Save it and you're set.

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