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[HOW TO] Install the AhoyWorld Enhanced (and Public!) mods + Install TFAR

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4 minutes ago, Mad Eye Moody said:

When I tried to connect to the AWE server last night I could not get any voice comms  to work. I had started TS in the normal way, connected with the AhoyWorld channel, but in game my previous radio button gave the message “TS closed the pipe” when pressed. In addition the normal push to speak function was inoperative as well. Is this a fault my end or was there an issue on the server? It worked as before on the public server. 

You'll need to update your TS plugin.  Go to wherever your mods are installed, find the @AW_task_force_radio one, go into the teamspeak folder in it.  Double click on the plugin, click OK/agree/install on anything that may pop up.  When it's installed restart teamspeak and you're good to go.

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My TFAR does not seem to work. I go in to the @aw_task_force_radio, teamspeak then click on the tfar to install it for TS I get the windows that confirms the installation and that is has been successfully downloaded and installed on ts, I open ts as admin make sure it's there and enabled. And here is where my problem is, It does not show up on ts that It's enabled on the right side, and people told me aswell its not on ts, I dont get pulled in the right channel wich gives me no voice coms ingame. Any ideas?

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[mention=5477]Stanhope[/mention] 1, - 1.0.289 and Im running the "newest ts" I saw a post that I might need to download an older version
[mention=4388]GhostDragon[/mention] it says disable
Hit that for me and try again please :)

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