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Server performance monitoring - what you can do


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Couple of performance hits right now, we need your help to gather information on when this is happening. If I've caught the attention of a minecraft user i need to know your performance too.


I've notified the admins to try rolling back a mission version but It would be great to get your perspectives on when this happens. even if it's something that sounds silly please gather your data together and if you notice anything. post it here! :)


thanks for your co-operation. benefits us all <3

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To add to prox's submission, we are getting almost regular lag spikes, but barely taxing the server at all. Lag spikes are quite frequent since the reinstall but they last a matter of seconds and therefore a lot of people don't notice them. ( the only reason I do is because I'm constantly placing blocks while building and the place sound doesn't play if there is a lag spike)

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