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Cheers! Thanks for offering I&A !


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Greetings, AW! 


I just wanted to say hi and thank you for offering I&A to the world. It's a really great piece of work, and we're grateful to have it to offer the public on our servers.


As my user name hints, I'm a member of TAW.net's Arma division. We've recently decided I&A is the best thing going to use on public servers, so we've put some edits on your 2.77k version. You can see our server at, or filter for TAW.net and find the US server. 


We've tried to respect the creators and leave the credits pretty much as you made them.


Thanks again!



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Thanks for reaching out, next time i get in contact with Rarek I'll let him know of your kind words :) our aim is to keep it current and up to date but he built the core engine and fundamentals we still hold true today.


Sir, I'd love to visit the server, see you on there soon


Thanks for your support - Danny "razgriz33"

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