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AHOSEC Discussion thread

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What about RH Pistols or PG Service PMC ?? >..>


PG Service PMC: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21616


I rarely use a pistol and I think the .45 Nato thing serves it purpose as a sidearm. PG service was broken as f... last time I checked it out, and its basically a black vest and some shirts and a re-textured littlebird so the guerrilla uniforms serves plentiful as a "pmc" uniform.


Also im trying to keep the list down so that users dont have to dl XX amount of mods to play. And i find that using a small amount of mods keeps the compatibly in check.

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Rising Dawn


This is the first contract for the newly started AHOSEC, we don't have all of our gear from the main-base yet, and it doesn't look like it will be arriving anytime soon because of the blockade offshore.


NATO has contracted us with intel gathering in a low-hostile zone, we are to drive up and talk with the contact and get the whereabouts on a HVT.


Nato warns us that we need to pass an OPFOR cache on the way there, and we are free to engage and take what we can.


Also the town we are going to, has seen an increase in OPFOR flyovers, we dont know what they are planning yet but we should be in and out quickly enough to not see any significant action.

Hardware and gear is limited as the OPFOR blockade is still in-effect.






-Teamleader - Christiansen

-Rifleman - Stuffedsheep

-Rifleman - Alganthe

-Rifleman - Baconmop

-Rifleman - Danny

-Combat Medic - Cain


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Did some changeups, this will now be a discussion thread regarding ahosec and event\mission info and links to signup forms will be linked in other thread, please keep discussion here and not in the other thread.


Currently working on a bigger scale mission for 2x6 man fireteams with support, also adding TFAR to help with immersion and in-squad communication.

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Well my 2c from the missions:

was awesome to play, only problem the ai are bullet sponges.

no really on one of them I put 20 5.56 on the torso before he finally decided to go down (pretty sure someone was also shooting at him).

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New gear arrived by airdrop at the base



Mission 4 is a go






Camp X is under imminent attack, you have been tasked by NATO to reinforce the ghost installation and defend it until enemy forces are repelled. Intel provided says that the installation was unmanned but had some automated defenses, but they may be offline, knocked out by OPFOR, pending the imminent ground assault.


You are to defend the installation and repel the forces attacking the installation, after this is done await further tasking.







-Pilot Razgriz33

-Pilot Baconmop




-FTlead Christiansen

-Rifleman Pancake

-Rifleman Danny

-Asst.AR Alganthe

-AR Cain

-Medic Miksi




-FTlead BlooFlar3

-Rifleman Mass1234

-Rifleman Clark



-Medic PsychoOrange


Saturday 11OCT 1730BST

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