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AhoyWorld Notepad++ Arma Syntax Highlighter

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//Ahoyworld.net presents: Notepad++  Arma Syntax Highlighter



What is this:

This is an Arma scripting (.SQF & .SQM)syntax highlighter to be used in Notepad++, specially for dark themes
It is developed using the 'Deep Black' theme that is shipped with NPP, but will work for anything with a dark background.






  • Download the 'userDefineLang.xml' from HERE
  • Copy the file into: C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++
  • Open your .SQF file
  • Select 'Ahoyworld_Arma3' from the Language menu in NPP




Please note: This is a community project, and we will appreciate all your help to keep this updated and working. At the moment this is already the Syntax Highlighter with the most complete database, lets keep it that way and expand on this initial version as much as possible. Any input can be logged in the Issue Tracker or bigger input can be happily forked and imported with a pull request.



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Version 01.01.00 Released:




- Fixed: #8: Remove Italic font from Variables
- Fixed: #9: Re-organize the track-changes files
- Fixed: #3: V1.22 update required
- Fixed: #4: V1.24 update required

- Fixed: #5: V1.26 update required
- Fixed: #10: Remove Italic font from Comments & Numbers

- Fixed: #11 Add ctrlCreate Classnames

- Fixed: #6: V1.29 update required
- Fixed: #12: Update new BIS Functions
- Fixed: #13: V1.31 update required


Enjoy !

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