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AW Invade & Annex Changelog and Download on Bitbucket

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I&A Bitbucket


We are trying to keep all development on I&A in our bitbucket repository. From there you can deduce any changes made to the mission and also download a mission or make your own fork for your own customizations. We will try to upload the current pbo's to bitbucket. But that's not an automated process, so it quite possible to forget about it from time to time. You can still download the latest code and create your own pbo, or get the latest mission by visiting our servers.


Please, if you are using our mission on your public server, remove any references to our teamspeak server.

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1. Extremely good mission! <- had to be said!

2. Last few submits fixed but failed. Estern fob airbase chopper pad had faulty script names. "fixchooper.sqf" or "repchopper.sqf", can't rememder exact name already fixed it! The submitted change was a path change but the problem is a path AND filename change.ie. "helicopterapair.sqf" or similar.. check your work submitters!

3. git hub changes claimed removal of vas. no the vanilla vas is still in the mission both as a script and close to the pilots in misson. ie. not removed. the va.sqf is fancy but for most people do not allow loading a saved config, ie. 100% fail (most likely BI). that kills the whole idea. sorry I haven't checked whats wrong here but fact is it's broken and 100% most likely known.

4. X versions older and leutin slinglifts an ammo truck. Not possible now unless it gets put into the super heavy category again. <- not sure if this is by demand or not.

5. unknown ie. ignore. adding mods like "agm" and most of the time kills sidemission and/or primary missons reoccurance. Mainly side missons but after 3-5 primary even thoose dies sometimes. the mission code is flawless and I'm leaning towards the mods as the culprit. But as long as it's not proven I'm claiming the most famous party should fix it, and in this case sorry guys it's AW (owning I&A comes with responsibilities) :-P


Do you have moderators on GIT? The latest changes towards limiting root files and moving most into subfolders brought along some bad editing. There is no way an exerienced coder let that happen. Since you're running it on your server now either the main coders are on vacation or they simply do not care. A syntax error/pathname error was successfully submitted into the code you're running live on the server along with your mostly amazing code. (amazing=easy to understand)


I understand the main bulk is the good coded framework and then implemented addon scripts. I do understand that main coders won't check every submission but the move to subfolders along with a change of path and filename should have been checked. <- Complaint :-P


About the AGM thing... has anyone noticed this? Is it my I7 server hardware being to slow or is it mods or mission (mission is generally flawless!) removing mods generally removes the issue _but_not_always_. is it arma sandbox dying on me?


Best regards


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The commit 4 days ago regarding the repair chopper @fob


- expActiv="_handle = [(thisList select 0)] execVM ""misc\rearmChopper.sqf"";";

+ expActiv="_handle = [(thisList select 0)] execVM ""scripts\misc\rearmChopper.sqf"";";


I'm suggesting:

expActiv="_handle = [(thisList select 0)] execVM ""scripts\misc\rearmHelicopter.sqf"";";
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Tjenare Tony: I guess I'm the moderator

The last changes that happened were pretty much unmoderated as I was having problems with my computer. A lot of hurried coding were going on to try to get the new arsenal thing to the servers. A lot of versions were made and put on the public servers and I was only capable of getting them into git after the fact so the repository reflected the versions being put on the servers, I could only hope that they worked properly.

Most people are still in the learning phase when it come to git and I guess that added to the latest confusion. I'll talk to the guys about at least testing the code properly before release to the public servers too ;-).


Anyway, thanks for your posts. I'm looking forward to see more from you :-)

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Would anyone be able to guide me through making the "View Distance Settings" script available in players scroll menu at all times?  Currently, in version 282D you have to visit the officer to get the option.  I added "this addAction ["View Distance Settings",TAWVD_fnc_openTAWVD,[],-98,false,false,"",''];" to each players init however i am sure there is a more efficient way to do this.


thanks so,



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