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Facebook Group Page (IMPORTANT CHANGE)


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From this Friday (19th October 2012) we will not be using our Ahoy Minecraft Page on Facebook instead we use our "Community Organisation Page" for update news and events.


Any issues you have from now on it would be really cool, great and all round awesome if you could use our Help and support page.


Why the Changes

Well, during our last meeting we talked about all this stuff and we really wanted to consolidate our communication into one place. The website is a lovely place and a one stop shop for all your Ahoy World needs! Also this is where we "Staff Members" look for issues and problems and ideas that need to be discussed. It’s only by chance and good fortune that I discover the talks on the Facebook page.

Sorry for the upheaval but this should mean that issues get solved so much quicker and you will know what’s coming and also hopefully we will get to know what you want a lot easier.

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