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Company of Heroes 2


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Anyone who is a fan of the Company of Heroes series so far or any of the Real Time Stratergies made by Relic studios, should already know how exciting it is to be getting another instalment of this series. I just bought my pre-order on steam.

The Company of Heroes series has given us a unique style of RTS commanding squads of infantry that can be specialised to be good at a variety of tasks by giving units grenades, flame throwers, morters or machine guns! Both the Axis and Allied forces are very fleshed out and have a great look at miltary tactics and equipment used by both sides. The cover system is very unique and gives you the tools and tactics to overcome it. Blindly sending waves of troops at a crater with a machine gunner will normally lead to your defeat how ever you can flank a bunker or get close enough to lob a grenade or two victory will be yours and you can move on.

The huge issues I had with all the previous CoH games was the lack of the Soviet Army as a playable faction in CoH2 this is going to be made up. If you haven’t seen katyusha rockets barrages yet then you’re going to be in for a heck of a good time, nicknamed “Stalin Organ” because of the unique sounds the katusha rockets were fired in volley of as large as 48! Now we get the fun of unleashing that on Nazis whether they be played by a friend or the AI the destruction will be complete!

The steam pre-order rewards are taking an approach I have certainly not seen before. The more people that pre-order the better and the more rewards there are. I think this is an interesting approach and something that if this works we will hopefully see more of in the future.

So are any of you guys going to be playing CoH2? What are you looking forward to? Do you think that this “model” for pre-orders to be an effective one.

If you have played any of the Company of Heores games what do you like about them? How do you like to play. I am a huge fan or Artillery and infantry supported by a sherman/ Panzer IV for a bit of fire power.

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