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Hello from France guys!


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Hi, I think I might be one of the few french guys joining the Ahoyworld but I'll try to fit in just as well as any other!
I must agree that my written English isn't perfect (my speech neither but both are normally understandable) but I understand it very well and wouldn't need more than a little time on TS with you to adapt and evolve in a way that we can genuinely understand each others :)


I joined Ahoy mostly to play Arma 3, since my friends wouldn't play it, and also to improve my English (even if my skill is already sufficient for people to understand me) since I'll eventually work in an English speaking country in a few years, so it's a kind of little challenge for me but don't worry I trust myself enough to do this and think that I'll blend in without becomming a burden!


I guess I'll but a bit of my biography, been gaming since almost as long as I can walk (thanks dad), all types of games, as most of you I imagine. I just finished highschool (I'm 19-repeated a year) and next year I'll begin a 5 years formation in artistic direction for animated movies or video games (already doing a lot of Photoshop/Maya/3DSMax/After Effect).


I must admit that I owned Arma 2 only for DayZ but I bought Arma 3 after watching a bunch (a ton!) of videos of it and I'm now eager to take part in really tactical fights.

Once again I don't want to be a burden, so I might be foreign and a bit of a beginner in Arma 3 (not in FPS but it obviously isn't the same as COD :D) but I'll know my place and try and do my best to blend in with you guys!


Well, see you soon on the battlefield and TS guys !

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