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Proposition: Battle Royale gamenight (and some rant)


Would you guys be interested in a Battle Royale gamenight?  

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Hey all,


First of all, I must say, I really like it here. I've been here only for a couple of weeks now, but I really do enjoy the mindset of the community as a whole. While it's not as formal as communities like ShackTac (and that being a good thing!) it's also organized enough in the way people do what they need to do (as per mission requirement) and enjoy doing it! Also, the fact that most people are always in for a team-up is great!


After partaking in last sunday's gamenight (which was very fun) a couple of guys stayed with me on TS, and since the EU 1# server was full, and we could not get on EU #2 for some reason I can't remember, we decided after someone suggested it to do some Battle Royale. 


For the people unaware of this gamemode for Arma 3, it is based on the Hunger Games; at the start of the game, after some quality time in the lobby everyone spawns in a plane. Due to a thunderstrike, this plane soon starts going down, after which everyone ejects. This marks the start of the actual game.


When you are ejected, you get full control over your character, and it is up to you where you want to parachute to. The map takes place on Stratis (that's the small island) and once you land, you start pretty much barenaked. However, in all buildings on the island (even sheds) and through the occasional airdrop you are able to gather loot. With this loot, mostly being made up out of guns, even some guns that aren't natively in the game (think M4 and SG 553) you shall kill thy opponents.


After a set periode of time, the blue zone will appear, along with a brief notification of the time remaining. Everyone who is outside this zone when the timer runs out starts taking damage and will thus eventually be killed by this. After another set time period, the zone will appear again, but this time smaller. This happens a couple more times until eventually everyone dies, either due to being out of the zone or getting killed.


The only way of achieving true victory is by being the only survivor.


The thing I imagine would be great about hosting this gamemode as a gamenight event will be that it is not team-based, to spicen things up. Of course you can work together as a team, but can you really trust that other person you're teaming up with?


The only downsides to hosting this that I can see would be that you guys would need to set it up (server-wise as well as clientwise) and maybe that there would need to be some kind of protection to prevent all those people only playing BR from filling up the server?


How's this sound? Am I onto something or just a blathering idiot?

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I could do some stuff so that it fits for vanilla arma, so you dont have to be dependent on all them weapon mods basically skip the plane bit and have the players start in the air and then just do some loot spawning and figuring out a zone-thing.

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FYI, the hunger games is a rip off of the Japanese movie "Battle Royale",  a much better film.


I have to disagree ...


having seen both, i think they both have merits ...


I like the setting of Hunger Games far more as a political allegory .. and  jennifer lawrence 

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